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I’ve been spending time this summer developing a data visualization course for the iSchool’s new Data Science program. This course is intended to introduce graduate students in the program to concepts and skills related to the visual display of large … Continue reading

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Out of sight

Yes, it’s been a long time since I posted, but I have a good excuse. I recently completed and defended my dissertation. So I have been writing about the visual forest, just not in blog format.  Quite the opposite. But … Continue reading

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“Let’s listen with our eyes not just our ears.”

My favorite definition of information comes from Gregory Bateson in his book Steps to an Ecology of Mind (1972). He wrote that information is “difference that makes a difference.” I find this statement very compelling. I like to play with … Continue reading

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I’m glad we don’t have a TV.

This post is kind of an addendum to the previous post. The issue of difficult images came up again recently. Early this week, Curtis came on from work and said, “Have you seen the news?” Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi had been … Continue reading

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Visualizing anguish

In the beginning of July, I traveled to Vancouver, BC to attend this year’s International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA) conference. Many of the presenters and attendees are trained in and practice sociology, the conference is also attended by public health … Continue reading

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Hidden in plain sight

Visual literacy, in its most general sense, refers to the skills needed to interpret and use graphical information resources. It means knowing how to read a map. Or having enough sensitivity to social and cultural stereotypes to know when an … Continue reading

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I am not a (graphic) designer.

I just finished my first semester teaching a brand new graduate-level course that I created called Information Design. The School of Information Studies at Syracuse University generously allowed me try out this new offering and I was delighted to get … Continue reading

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A single continuous line of ink

Last weekend we took a trip to Ithaca’s Museum of the Earth.  Just past the exhibit about corn (oddly fascinating), was a seismograph machine.  This complex device is used to recognize and measure global seismic activity, documenting and recording movement … Continue reading

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What I see today…

    Syracuse in March.  I guess it will make us stronger… if it doesn’t kill us.

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Fellow travellers

By this point, I would have thought I’d have a pretty good grasp on visual things. I began seriously studying painting and drawing as I entered high school. I have a terminal degree in visual art. My studio art practice … Continue reading

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